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Green Goodness

The First Step

Not quite sure what service is best for you, start here with our free 20 minute personalized consultation

Grocery Store Shopalong

Local ATX & Surrounding area


virtual via skype

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Cooking Classes

Virtual group cooking classes


Virtual personalized cooking classes 

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Fuel Your Life

Personalized meal plan package 

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Pantry & Fridge Makeover

Local ATX & Surrounding Areas


Virtual via. Skype

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Get Healthy Now

Personal nutrition package

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Not Quite Feeling Right

Personal nutrition package with a focus on acute illness, ailment or imbalance 

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Take that, Cancer

Personal nutrition package with a focus on fighting serious diseases

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The Extra Push

Sometimes we just need a little bit more. This package is for any existing or previous clients who feel they could benefit from the option of adding on a little extra accountability or follow up down the road. 


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