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Energy, for Everyone!

Sometimes as a mom, an entrepreneur and a career woman I get caught up into the daily hustle and grind, so much so that I often don't even realize how much I am actually doing. In fact it wasn't until recently when I was talking to a good friend of mine about my to-do list for the day when I realized... I am a busy woman and a great task master! My friend pointed out that I probably get all my energy from my plant based diet.

Day in and day out I am thinking about and learning about wellness and the nutrients in our food. The importance of nutrition not only for adults but for growing children too. I've been thinking about that good start, and how amazing it is that we can defy illness by just making some changes in our diet and lifestyle. I have been preaching it, believing it, living it and loving it. But not once have I given it any credit for combating even the longest to do lists. For being a good wife, a good mother, and maintaining the home front while working full-time and building a business.

My husband has always been a hustler and a creator of all things business. We all joke that he is a serial entrepreneur (in fact he actually is). One thing that is of interest to this theory is that in August 2017 my hubby went plant based. I immediately noticed a huge change in his energy levels. He no longer had issues getting up in the morning for a 5am class, in fact sometimes he would beat his alarm to it. He started staying up late after a long day at work, track club, and clients. He lost some belly weight without trying (which is truly just a great side effect of the plant based life) and I'm telling you there is no debate on how he immediately saw a pique in his energy levels!

There are many sources of energy and many ways to achieve optimum health but clinical studies show us that the most potent way is through what we eat. The great thing about eating a plant based diet is that it is a lot less taxing on your digestive system and therefore the energy it used to take to digest your food really is just a bonus for you- it goes directly to you and your energy levels. It is a proven fact that digesting plants is easy and natural on our system, leaving you with all you need to master your to-do with and life goals.

If that wasn't enough to pique your interest in this whole plant based lifestyle, let me just leave you with a few other benefits:

1. Less inflammation- the plant based diet is a master at combating inflammation- foods rich in omega-3 and chlorophyll lower overall inflammation in the body, as well the plant based diet overall increases alkalinity which calms inflammation.

2. Great skin- after just a week on the plant based diet, you are likely to see this incredible benefit. Plants are rich in nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. Antioxidants decrease free radicals in your body making you look younger, and giving you a healthier glow.

3. Better sleep- even after a long energy filled day, you will have a great benefit when hitting the hay. There are many fruits and vegetables high in vitamin B6, trytophan, and magnesium which ensure a healthy sleep cycle.

4. Great blood sugar levels- A plant based diet slows down blood sugar, but still allows insulin to do it's job. Most people find they don't suffer from low blood sugar, hypoglycemia or any other symptoms related to type 2 diabetes after just one week on the plant based diet.

5. Happier disposition- Something about eating well for optimum health correlates to your mind set creating positive endorphins, similar to the ones you may get after a great workout at the gym. Your overall outlook will be more positive, because it just feels good to take care of yourself.

Add more plants to your life and you will find that the only side effects, are weight loss, disease prevention and reversal, positive mindset and energy for days.


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