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Five Simple Changes You Can Make Right Now That Will Literally Change Your Life... and By Default...

Sometimes taking the leap is not that easy... what does it mean to be all in? Often times going cold turkey is only setting yourself up for future failure. I don't know about y'all but I like to be set up for success... not failure. That is why I want to share with you these simple tips for maximizing your health without depriving yourself of things you enjoy!

Lifeline #1- Switch out all your carbs to whole grain carbs... this means whole wheat or whole grain pasta, brown rice, wholegrain bread (in fact... be picky about your bread- even wholegrain bread is often loaded with unnecessary added sugars). It is a serious misconception that carbs are bad... it's just that most carbs are so processed they lose all nutritional value... when in fact the right carbs are an incredible source of life and energy (and fiber)

Lifeline #2- Make the transition to a plant based milk, such as almond, cashew or coconut milk. I understand that this is probably going to be the most unpopular paragraphs in all of my blog posts, however it really is a lifeline. The milk in America these days is unfortunately not what it used to be... The FDA allows Somatic cells which are the white blood cells that are the defense against bacteria that invade the udder and can cause mastitis. Cow's milk can legally contain up to 400 million pus cells/liter. So one teaspoonful of milk can legally have two million pus cells! Not only is that unappealing, but the effects of milk are equally as unappealing. Milk can cause heart disease as it is high in cholesterol. It is high in antibiotics, which can cause antibiotic resistance (meaning- when you need them they won't be as effective). There is no cholesterol, no pus, and no antibiotics in unsweetened plant milk. Your taste-buds may temporarily notice a difference but so will your body!

Lifeline #3- Bend your body- 20 minutes of yoga a few times a week is all it takes to reap the amazing many benefits that your body gets when you take the time to bend and breathe. I could literally write an entire blog post on the benefits of yoga (and I probably will) but for now the Coles notes version- increases flexibility, adds muscle definition, tones the body, improves breathing & energy & vitality, improves athletic abilities, protects from injury... just to mention a few. Life is BUSY... we don't have excess time... so take a break from the chaos, slow down and let it all go...not only will it get your body right, but your mind too... just breathe... and bend.

Lifeline #4- H20! Y'all knew it was coming... let me just leave this right here... Water flushes out toxins, promotes healthy weight loss and maintenance, increases brain power, provides energy, clears up your complexion, keeps you regular (yep, I went there), and improves your fitness level by lubricating your joints. I know it's easy to forget, and I know you are busy... trust me, I know you are busy!! However, you have got to make yourself a priority. Here's the deal with this... if you are not someone who will remember to stay hydrated- challenge yourself to grab a 3 liter (gallon) of water, keep it with you all day and drink every last drop.

Lifeline #5- Have some fun... Happiness is not just for fun but also goes hand in hand with some

serious side effects. I am delighted to tell you happiness promotes a healthy lifestyle- when you are happy you have increased energy and a clear mind to make the right decisions for your body! It boosts your immune system- being happy means being healthy. It combats stress, anything protecting against stress directly effects your heart in a positive way, and therefore lengthens your life. Happiness helps you reach your goals, and when you reach your goals you are happier... its an infinite circle of life and it starts with a smile.

Bottom line- Small things amount to big things, what you do today effects your tomorrow, so choose wisely and make small changes... soon you will see BIG results.

Love & Health,

Plant Based Personality

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